Thursday, September 30, 2010

Coffee and Dunkin Donuts

Calories, anyone?

Coffee and Donuts
Acrylic on Canvas 12x12"

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angie Brooksby-Arcangioli said...

I love the chocolate icing, makes me want to lick it!!!

patti mollica said...

Hi Angie
I went in an added colored sprinkles - i knew when i did it i'd be de-emphasizing that shiny icing in exchange for a hit of color, which i felt the painting needed... its always such a hard call to decide whether to rework a painting that basically already works in the hopes of making better - the age old artists' dilemma, "when do I stop? " I've come to the conclusion that to always play it safe and stop early, limits my my learning process... sometimes I just have to try something- knowing that I may or may not succeed, thats the price we pay for taking a chance... in painting and in life :-) I don't know if this revised painting is more or less successful than the original i posted, i just know i had to try those sprinkles. Partially i was just curious to see if I could pull it off, not having any sprinkles to actually look at, I had to make them up. Better? worse? who knows, who cares, the more important thing is... move on - on to the next! More donuts, purses, shoes or makeup ... being served next!

Unknown said...

Hi Patti , As always i love and admire your work ! would love to take some classes....

Any chance you would like to come to Philadelphia and teach a class?

I do anything to try and get you to come to this city!! we can talk about some of the connections i have and some possiblities if you are interested.... and then of course ...I do know how busy your schedule is...

but your work and techniques are so wonderful .. I want to share you with philadelphia!!

your buddy!

kat_cafe said...
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