Friday, October 19, 2012

Mixed Media Extravaganza

This weekend I'm holding a workshop, "Exploring Mixed Media" at my studio. It is a one day, hands-on workshop that will cover a wide array of new ways to spice up your artwork, whether you are seasoned professional or a beginner, representational or abstract painter. Although many of the materials we will be using are acrylics, they integrate perfectly with pastels, watercolors, dry media (colored pencil, graphite, oil pastel), even oil paint. All materials are included in the workshop fee, and I will be giving out lots of free stuff - hand painted color charts, color mixing guides, paint samples, "watercolor paper in a jar", "white-out for watercolorists" and other cool grounds and samples. It's sure to be a day of big fun as we pour, sgraffito, glaze, layer, drizzle ... and more. Here is a link to the workshop, as well as a painting that uses pastels, airbrush ink, Heavy Gel Matte, Acrylic Ground, Light Molding paste, Coarse Molding paste, Absorbant Ground and...oh yeah - paint! I love working traditionally, with "just paint and a brush" but its a very freeing experience to work in this mixed media manner.  If you want to be on the list for upcoming workshops in 2013, sign up here. If you are interested in a workshop in your area, invite me!


Angie Brooksby said...

Awesome painting. I wish I could attend. I don't know anything about acrylics.

Patti Mollica said...

Hi Angie
acrylics are fun because there are "no rules" - anything goes. you can layer endlessly, and the layers dry in minutes so you don't have to stop and wait for days to move on while waiting for the dry time. I its enjoyable to integrate all kinds of stuff into the painting; plus there are a zillion different textural products that can be added to the paint. just plain fun :-) thanks for the nice comment and happy painting!