Monday, January 3, 2011

Eye Candy

Yesterday I hung a show of 25 pieces, some of them were my smaller daily paintings, which look so nice as a grouping of 6 or 9. I mounted them on wooden 6x6" boxes that have a 2" depth so they stood away from the wall very nicely. I painted each box a coordinating color, which made for a very lively and colorful presentation. The show is in Beacon, NY, about 1 mile from the Dia Museum Art Foundation, and about 90 minutes from NYC. The curator saw my work in a group show last year and we have been planning this for several months. Its always a kick in the butt to prepare for shows - framing, promo materials, last minute touches, etc. But seeing all the work up on the wall, in their color matched boxes, mmmm - easy on the eyes and satisfying for the soul!
Eye Candy
Oil on Canvas, 6x6"


Denise Rose said...

That is so great Patti! Please post a photo of some of the walls so those of us way down South can see it too! Love the candy also!

patti mollica said...

Thanks Denise! I meant to take photos while I was there but will take some next time I visit.

Angie said...

I love the neutral ground on this and the way the brush strokes melt into it

Anne Stickney said...

I'd like to see photos of your show, too, Patti. congrats on the show.