Friday, November 30, 2012

Blue Bowl

"Blue Bowl"  8x10", Acrylic   Click to Bid
Back to work after the big storm snafu. Our garage, or should I say the materials that created it, just got hauled away in a dump truck.  Our stuff is sitting out in front of our house, people are driving by and stopping, thinking we are having a mega lawn sale. I wave them on.  

Here is a demo I did for my class yesterday. It was my first day back to teaching in weeks, and when I dipped my brushes into my paint I realized it had dried somewhat while I was away. Goopey or more viscous paint seeps into the grooves of the canvas, drier paint creates a scumbled look, sitting on top of the texture and allowing the underneath colors to peek thru.  

In my earlier class I demo'ed a "limited stroke" exercise... what a way to jump back in to the swing of things... 22 strokes using a 1" brush, for this rose in a cup. I was dying to cheat but had too many witnesses to contend with.

Tomorrow I am giving a 2 hour lecture/demo on Golden Acrylics at Woodstock School of Art, in Woodstock, NY from 2-4PM. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by and say hello! 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Art, Interrupted

Heading Uptown 18x24" Acrylic/Mixed Media
Home Sweet Home, finally! I've been out of town for about 10 days. No sooner did we get our water, heat and power back, (which took 2 weeks, due to "Sandy") then we had to pack up and rush to  Las Vegas for a tradeshow. During that time we took a day trip to the Grand Canyon, and climbed down, as well as back up. (OMG)

Now that things are kinda sorta under control, I'm looking forward to painting in less chaotic conditions.  Our property is still a mess and we have lots of insurance related homework to do before things can be rebuilt. But I'm very grateful - not only the services, water/heat/power, that are so easily taken for granted, but all the support from friends - those who offered help in the aftermath and especially those who raised funds via painting auctions, that are helping us move onward. A little help goes a long way. I thank everyone that offered support to me and the other Sandy survivors.  

On another note, many people inquired about "the girls", our polish chickens, and how they fared through the storm. Thank you for asking. Although their coop was quite vulnerable in 90 mph wind conditions, someone was smiling upon them and by the looks of it, not a feather was ruffled. They're doing just swell and look as dapper as ever. Here's a photo of Gladys, Phyllis, and Esther (from front to back). 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Art and Fear

"NYSandy" 18x24" Acrylic/Mixed Media (Sold)
It was like living in the Wizard of Oz, just before the house got launched. The sounds of approaching Sandy were ferocious, I have never heard wind roar so loudly, sticks and branches flying around, banging into the windows. Very soon it would be much larger tree limbs. Waiting for Sandy to hit full force was torture, considering it was already a monster and hadn't even made landfall yet! I was feeling the dread take hold, and then came inevitable power blackout. I got a grip on myself and did what any true artist would do.  Pour a glass of wine (sizable) feel my way around for paints and brushes, strap on my miner's headlamp and do a painting. (posted above).  It's easy to become unhinged when 'the end' feels like it's closing in. Its also incredibly easy to forget about 'the end' altogether when you are in the zone of creativity. I can attest that the act of creating triumphed over fear. (storm? what storm?)
As it turns out the house kinda sorta survived but the garage and car didn't. An enormous Oak tree flattened them out - completely. All things considered, we were really lucky. 
 I want to especially thank Carol Marine who was in contact during the storm's aftermath, genuinely concerned about our situation. She created a DPW Fundraiser for folks like us who got hit, and has even donated the sale of one of her paintings on my behalf. Thanks Carol :-) In times of need, caring friends make all the difference. 
Below is a photo of our ex-garage and the oak tree. It will be a while before we get light, heat, water, refrigeration and all that other must-have stuff, but it's all OK - I've still got my paints, brushes and miner's headlamp...the true essentials!