Thursday, March 31, 2016

Gallery District, NYC

"Gallery District, NYC"  Acrylic  20x20"  More Info
This is an intersection at 25th and Tenth Ave. From where I was standing when I took the photo, there was a delivery truck blocking the corner. I took the photo because I liked the light cascading across the street. But by the time I got halfway into the painting, I realized I didn't have a very strong focal point so I decided to remove the truck and put people in its place.  I had no reference for people in the scene, so I had to make them up. I really don't like doing figures without reference, altho it is a great exercise... but not my idea of fun. I think they turned out well considering I had to imagine their movement and the light /shadow effect. Lesson learned (again) - think before you paint, Pat!

On another note, a friend of mine - Francesco Fontana, a very talented artist from Italy, is teaching a workshop in June - July 2016 in Giverny - by Monet's Lily Pond! I hear there are only a couple of spots left.  If you are interested in more details... click here.