Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Yellow Tulips

"Yellow Tulips"  8x8" Acrylic   Buy Now

Just returned from my recent workshop in Carmel CA at Carmel Visual Arts. I had a great group of 17 students who went from 0 to 90 mph in 3 days. The progress they made in so short a timeframe was stunning. We started the workshop with value simplification studies, moved on to methods for creating interesting brushwork (in fewer strokes) and finished off with 15 minute paintings.  I'll be returning to teach an intensive 5 day workshop November 3-7 2014. Interested? Better sign up now - its already starting to fill. Other topics to be covered: Color theory, color mixing, working with color schemes, creating colorful greys, and much more.  This time I'm going to allow for more chill time in Carmel - it is heaven on earth... and a great gallery town.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

NYC Canal Street Pretzel Vendor

"Canal Street Pretzel Vendor"  Acrylic  12x12"  Buy it Now

The biggest challenge to this piece was cleaning it up - too many cars, signs, people, just too much clutter. I'd way rather clean up a painting than my studio!

There are a few spots left in my upcoming "Loosen Up" workshop in Cary, NC - we will be grooving out freely (with paint) ... here is the info  Loosen Up! March 14-17, 2014 Cary, NC

Monday, February 3, 2014

Soho Florist

 SOLD  "Soho Florist"  Acrylic  12x12"  Click to View  

A typical colorful scene in New York...vendors tending to their fruits, vegetables and flowers. Who can resist?