Sunday, February 8, 2015

Rooster Painting Demonstrations

"Rooster 1"  Acrylic, 12x12"  $250  Click to Buy
"Rooster 2"  Acrylic, 12x12"  $250  Click to Buy

I was invited to do a painting demonstration on Friday night at the National Arts League in New York. The demo was to be from 8-10 pm.  I knew in advance this may be a problem, so I came prepared.  The first demo was finished in about 20 minutes.  I brought out my second canvas and jumped into the next painting, done in about 1/2 hour. Since I teach "how to paint fast, loose and bold" I figured it's a good idea to practice what I preach. There was plenty of time left over for coffee and cookies, Q and A, general chit chat about current museum shows, etc.
The demo was started with a 2 " flat brush and ended with a liner, to put the small highlights on the rooster's red "crown".  Below are some photos taken by Suzie Alvey, which made me realize I have a habit of sticking out my tongue while I paint. I guess there are worse habits, right?