Thursday, January 31, 2013

Beat the Light NYC

Beat the Light NYC,  18x24" Acrylic
I've got NYC bikers on the brain lately. It's amazing how an upcoming show can squeeze paintings out of an artist in record time.  I had to create and frame this for an upcoming show that has a deadline of today, 5PM. Deadlines... the bain of my existence and the whip-cracker of my "to do" list.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Midtown Messengers

Midtown Messengers, 18x24" Acrylic on Paper 
I'm working on a series of NYC paintings in a larger format. This summer I have a show coming up at my gallery in Provincetown, Simie Maryles Gallery, and I've decided to create a new series of work. I had a blast painting this one - hope it shows. It seemed to paint itself... my job was to not to "get in it's way" by thinking too much. This is actually 18x24" but I cropped off the top of the chrysler building for the post, because it made the image so small you couldn't see much. I will attach a few details, which make me realize that there are several paintings within this painting. I suppose that summarizes why I love New York. Everywhere you set your sights is a painting waiting to happen!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Blue Glass Bottles

Blue Glass Bottles 8x8" Acrylic on Gessoboard  Click to buy
This week in class the focus is on painting glass and reflections.  Here's my class demo, some lovely colored bottles in cool blues and greens.

Here are some new workshops I will be teaching in 2013... please join us if you can!

Waverly Artists Group, North Carolina, April 14, 15 and 16... more information
Workshops at my studio, New York, Jan, Feb. March and April .... more information
Rising Sun, Indiana, June 15 & 16 ... contact
Tuscany, Italy, July 17 - 24 ... more information
Carmel Art Institute, California  Fall of 2013, date TBD

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ringing in the New Year

On new year's eve, I was the gal dressed to the nines sitting at the end of the bar - sketching furiously. My husband, a jazz musician, had a gig in "Campbell's Apartment" atop Grand Central Station which was the former private office and salon of 1920's tycoon, John W. Campbell. This art-deco jewel of  an apartment has since been and reborn as a chic cocktail lounge that is cited in the national media as one of "the best bars in America". I couldn't agree more. The decor was decadent, the mood festive, champagne flowed and noismakers crowwed.

As I pulled out my sketchbook and assessed my views, I immediately ran into the same old mental trips. On my right was the band, dressed in black tuxedos standing in front of a huge black antique safe.  The lighting was so low I could not distinguish the musicians and their instruments from the backdrop. If I shifted my view to the left, I had one blurred bartender working at the speed of sound, to service an entire room of party-ers. Both views felt too challenging. "...impossible...can't see enough...too much movement"...yada yada. Then the other voice kicked in... "stop your sniveling... make it work...just DO it". So I did, I sketched all night long, right into the new year.  I truly wanted to usher 2013 in, in a meaningful way, one that would set the tone for the rest of the year. This was the perfect, imperfect setting.  Take what I have and make it work. All year long. Yes, that's it! Happy New Year~