Friday, July 28, 2017

Green Bag

 I came close to including Toto too, and who knows..some day he may join them
Green Bag  12x12" Acrylic

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Green Bag

Green Bag in progress  12x12" 

I am blocking in a new painting. Like so many of the things I like to paint, its sort of about nothing, just an everyday moment in life that caught my eye. If I can successfully pull it off, when I start adding color, it will be about the bag, which is bright green and is reflecting that color on to the mother's white pants. I think I will add a "family dog"... or maybe not... since i'm not trying to tell a story.  its just about the bag and the quiet beauty of everyday moments.

Anyone out there remember the flying bag scene in the movie "American Beauty"? It was magnificent in its dramatic mundane-ness.

Monday, July 24, 2017

I forgot how to post its been so long

I created a new website a while back, to replace the hack job I did back in the '90's using Dreamweaver. Like everything else in technology, it was a real learning curve (as dreamweaver was!)  So now i have a new and improved blog that is hosted on my new and improved website, but it seems the only way I can send my blog posts is to include a link to the new site. surely there is a workaround that i am not aware of at this point in the learning curve... one teched out day at a time :-)

as an experiment I posted one piece of new work...