Saturday, October 9, 2010

Salsa Shoes

Ok, I don't know if these are latin shoes or not but thats how my husband describes them. I can't imagine trying to dance in them but I recently heard that some women broke the Guiness Book of World records by running a marathon in stilletos to raise money for breast cancer research (without breaking their ankles in the process).With that in mind, it's entirely possible to dance in them.
So enough of painting shoes in lieu of wearing them, I'm starting to feel like a poser. I courageously wore these "Latin" numbers last night, to a swanky restaurant. Now I see why women in stilletos hang tightly on to their men - its less about romance than stability. Besides towering over my husband, who normally towers over me, I had to think twice about drinking that second cosmopolitan. Tipping over face first would definitely add drama but not in the intended way. I made it home without incident, delighted to slip into my cozy fuzzy pink bunny slippers.

Salsa Shoes
Acrylic on Canvas 12x12
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