Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cup o' Cherries

I wanted to do a "Christmassy" color schemed painting - ok so blue is not green, but... close enough. We are getting our white Christmas today - on the 26th ... close enough, I'll take it... hoping everyone's new year is like a bowl of cherries ... or at least a cup!

Cup O' Cherries
Acrylic on Canvas Panel 6x6" $100


Denise Rose said...

Love the cherries! I am so happy I met you and got to paint with you for a week!

patti mollica said...

Me too Denise - and thanks! You were a great next easel neighbor, very generous with all the great props you brought. I've got the week off so I'll be keeping up with my painting a day this week - merry holidays and happy painting - patti