Friday, February 3, 2012

River View

Reuniting with this painting felt like meeting up with an old friend. I painted it in 2008 and it has been sitting in a gallery in CT for several years, or so I thought. The problem with turning your work over to a gallery is that if it doesn't sell right away, it's very easily "forgotten"... the years drag on, the painting hasn't sold and before you know it, the gallery owner has stopped displaying it and forgotten you (and it) exist.
The reality is that the artist would prefer their work to be displayed in a gallery rather than collecting dust in their studio, so they don't nag the owner about getting the piece back. By the time the artist decides to recall their work, things have changed. I had a difficult time getting the owner to acknowledge my phone calls/emails. That's always an unsettling feeling. When I finally did make contact, it turns out he could not find the piece. Hmmm, how does one lose a 44x44" painting? (Easy - sell it!) Long story short, the piece was stashed in a basement somewhere, but was eventually found, and as of yesterday, returned to it's owner. If this story sounds all too familiar to a previous post (NFS), it is because this is an age old problem for all artists. Bottom line, once you hand over your work to a gallery, beware! Know that it can be the last time you see it, and if it sells, there is no guarantee you will see the money. It has happened to me and many other artists more than once, and its a bitter pill to swallow.
OK - now, I need a gallery to move that 44x44" painting which is taking up precious space and collecting new dust in my studio!

River View
44x44" Oil on canvas, Price on request


Joan Applebaum said...

Been there :( I once had group of paintings in a gallery that closed. I was not notified of the closure and when I finally did find out, it took a few weeks worth of phone calls before I could finally get my art work back. The turning point was when I mentioned that I had appointment with my lawyer. The appointment was to get my will updated, but hey it did the trick.
Joan Applebaum, Windy Hill Studio

Jerry Stocks said...

Glad you got your painting back!!!

Brad Miedema said...

Beautiful painting Patti!

Page Pearson Railsback said...

Thanks for bringing this subject up...Also been there, done that..This painting is the composition..the drama you created over a subject that is ordinary

angie Brooksby-Arcangioli said...

Beautiful painting. I love the wires.