Thursday, August 16, 2012

Two Blondes

Two Blondes, 11x14 Oil 

Here is another painting from my series of plein air paintings in NYC. I had to figure out a system to deal with all these moving people. I mean, its hard enough to paint figures when working from  models who are posing for hours -- capturing them in seconds flat seemed impossible. Enter my trusty sketchbook and charcoal pencil - nail down those poses quickly and when the people change positions, or take off, as they inevitably do, work from my sketches.  Vouila!

Dealing with Joe Q Public was just as challenging as the dealing with the unpredictability of plein air conditions.  Of all the tables and chairs available to sit at, this little Jewish guy decides he must sit at my table, with me. Didn't he realize his black top hat would soon be decorated with purple paint blobs? Only in New York.


Bruce Bingham said...

Hi Patti,
Love the way you delt with all this "stuff". Nice simplification, great colors, really beautifully done. Painting is a great way to make new friend;)
or not depends on your splatter range.

angie Brooksby-Arcangioli said...

Wow so exciting. I love seeing these posts, you are such the VIP artist.

Christine said...

I am really impressed with your painting and method...and I love your drawings!