Monday, October 1, 2012

How I spent my summer vacation

Summer Tulips  12x12"  Acrylic on Canvas   Click to bid
Considering my summer vacation started last week, after I finished the book and ended this week, when I start teaching again, it didn't include travel, beach, suntan lotion or any of those summery icons. I spent this one week "vacation" in my studio just goofing around with all my paints, gels and pastes. I had a simple objective in mind: to have fun, not be under pressure, anything goes, nothing has to look good and most importantly, no deadlines. I worked on about 5 or 6 pieces at a time each day and had no clue as how they would turn out, nor did I care. This, in contrast to the past results and deadline-driven year of books and more, was strictly about "the journey"which is so different than how I normally work. Below are a few of my creations, altho the photo doesn't show how may layers of "stuff" I dripped, drizzled, poured, scraped, scumbled, or finger-painted on. About the only thing I didn't use was a brush. With acrylic materials, one can play forever, adding new layers - there are no limitations, other than the fact the pieces start getting a bit heavy.

 I snapped out of "vacation mode" last night and felt it was time to indulge my realism roots with this painting of my favorite teapot with tulips. I suppose it represents the end of summer...which sure seemed short this year!


Jerry Stocks said...

The creations are amazing, and I love the teapot of tulips. The colors in the tulips are great.

Christine said...

Patti, This still life is amazing! I love it.

Bruce Bingham said...

Love everything! and so glad you got a chance to play and relax!

Giselle Vidal McMenamin said...

very nice!!

Shirley Fachilla said...

Saw your teapot in a thumbnail and it drew me to your blog like a magnet.
I've had great fun browsing through your summer... lion, carousel, umbrellas. Your book sounds wonderful.
Glad I visited. I've been away too long!

angie Brooksby-Arcangioli said...

That painting is so gorgeous, you deserve to sell it for way more than your starting bid.
I love hearing about how you took your vacation - playing.