Thursday, May 30, 2013

Two Pears

Barbara's Pears  6x6"  acrylic  (SOLD)
Finally back from traveling and spending some time with my folks. The Syracuse workshop went great although we all wished it were longer. We have already begun planning a 5 day workshop in spring 2014 to cover more ground - namely color theory and color schemes.
Here is one of the demo paintings I did. I set up a simple still life and composed two value studies, using black, grey and white values to illustrate a big point about seeing values - namely that there are many ways to translate an image into a simple value structure. It's up to the artist to simplify and push the values one way or another to make the painting work. In otherwords, the artist is the designer, not the transcriber. I often push students to do more than one value study, to determine which ones work best, and to get them into the habit of doing what works - rather than copying what's there. (IMHO) designing the overall value structure is key to strong compositions!


Bruce Bingham said...

Absolutely beautiful Patti! I can see why it sold immediately to some lucky person:) The colors are yummie.

Jerry Stocks said...

Amazing!!!! Can't wait to get through with end of school activities and get on to painting every day.

Patti Mollica said...

Hey Bruce and Jerry - thanks! hope you guys are well. I also hope to get back to painting every day too - traveling really throws one off schedule... i'm glad to brush of the brushes and get the paint flowing again. thanks for your nice comments:-)

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

Pretty Cute!
I like the colors, too!

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