Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Northbound on 10th II

Northbound on 10th (II)  18x24" Acrylic  Buy Now
This is the same subject I painted yesterday, just playing around with new colors and exploring other methods. Normally I start out with a rough drawing but in this case I just started out with big colored shapes and then honed in gradually. The painting went from totally abstract to fairly representational.  
I was actually aiming for more abstract depiction but no one was in the studio to take my brush away, so I kept breaking up the shapes and turning them into recognizable things. I like it, even tho I had something else in mind. Maybe next time. 

The piece is 18x24", here's a detail. I may cut it up and crop it like this...


Christine said...

great painting....I like the cropped image especially

Unknown said...

As an artist myself, I enjoy reading Philip Koch's sensitive writing about Edward Hopper and Andrew Wyeth, who along with Whistler and Rothko, are my favorite American painters.
I don't live in the United States but have traveled and passed a short time there. But even with the little time spent in your beautiful country, especially in small-town America, I can relate to some of the poetical feel that Hopper and Wyeth had captured in their art, which is for me part of the attraction of their paintings.
Browsing at wahooart.com the other day, as I do now and then, I find a good selection of Edward Hopper's work, http://wahooart.com/Art.nsf/All-Popular-Artists ,in the big archive of Western Art, that customers can order online for canvas prints and even hand-painted, oil-painting reproductions can be made and sent to them.
Hopper's surrealistic and depersonalized world is there again. Timeless, yes, as it is still there now in the roadside cafes and diners that I ate at all over America.