Wednesday, November 20, 2013

...On the Road Again

"Willie"  18x24" Pastel 
like Willie, I've been on the road a lot, since about mid-September. Between teaching gigs, doing DVD's, lectures, trade shows, and even a grammar school reunion, I've been here there and many places in-between. Now I'm ready to head homeward and get back to daily painting. Even weekly will do.

Posted here is an illustration I did in the early 80's for RCA Records, "Willie Nelson's Greatest Hits" album cover. I don't think Willie would mind my dredging him up as a blog post to suffice till I can create something new. Looking forward to home sweet home... er... studio sweet studio so I can start pushing paint around again... I miss it.


Dean H. said...

I'm sure Willie would be greatly flattered, Patti! Super portrait!!

cath said...

c'est un magnifique travail! j'aime beaucoup !

Peter Fasolino said...

Hey patti- I haven't seen any of your portraits. Lovely. You made Willie into a healthy virile stud-ly man. Rather than the common perception of a stoned and haggard hipster. kudos. vibrant colors as alwaysl

Patti Mollica said...

hey thanks you guys! yeah this is Willie on a good day - even for 30 years ago!