Saturday, March 28, 2015

New York City Watertowers

Harlem Watertowers  Acrylic, 14x18"   SOLD
The water towers of New York are such a city icon, I find them an irresistible subject to play with. Lately I've been teaching and learning some cool new techniques for abstraction, and really enjoying it.


marilyn said...

I love your work! I am a watercolorist and teach in various venues (including TASOC) and I often refer my students to your work... Although you work in an opaque medium rather than watercolor... because I so admire your color sense and wonderful compositions. I found your work when I was researching the Byrant Park Artist in Residence Program (I was selected the summer after you were.) My website is and I also have a FB presence as Marilyn Rose Art. I love this water tower painting!

Stephen Carpenter said...

Every time I'm n NYC I see these towers and thy are indeed fascinating. I have a photograph shot from a hotel window that has about 10 of them in it. They look so strange among the steel, glass and sone.
Your painting is very powerful. the colors are a grat choice (as always with you), but the way you set out the spaces is stunning.

Diana Hobson said...

The colors in this are gorgeous! I like how you balanced the intense violets with a creamy color, and that you used a yellow based one to compliment the purple. I can tell you really know your stuff, even in just the details. Stunning!

Abstract Oil Painting New York

Patti Mollica said...

Thank you all!!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I love these towers and how you painted them. One of my favorite industrial subjects.