Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Old news...New news

Lemons  8x8"  Acrylic (SOLD)

In this day and age of so many social outlets, blogging seems to have taken a back seat. Plus I have been travel/teaching a lot lately. Somewhere along the line Facebook edged to the front, and I now post new paintings on my FB art page because its faster and easier.  If you want to stay in touch, please friend me (FB) - Patti Mollica Art.   I created a new website with much better organization. http://www.pattimollica.com

Interested in upcoming events including a 9 day workshop in Venice Italy in June 2017? Here are the details.

Door County, WI is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. Its a lovely peninsula that juts out into Lake Superior. I had the pleasure of teaching a 4 day workshop there in July, and enjoyed every minute of it. The homes and gardens and marinas - to die for! The paintings were some of my demos during that time.

"Rye Corner"  12x12"  Acrylic (SOLD)

Door County - there are so many beautiful barns and pastures!
Route 42, WI  12x16"  Acrylic


Anne said...

Love those lemons!

Lata said...

Barns and Pastures ..beautiful.! Lovely colors.

WoodNfish said...

It is a shame you are mostly on FB, Patti. I hate FB, it follows everything you do and spies on you. You would be astounded at the information FB collects about you.

Gennie said...

It's looking just amazing painting,
i really like it,
west midlands painting

the swedish cave girl said...
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Braden Carroll said...
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