Monday, September 26, 2016

An Affirmation for the Perfectionist

"Brooklyn Biker" 12x18" Acrylic
Being born under the Virgo sign often feels like a curse. We are known planners and perfectionists. It can feel very awkward to dive into a painting, headfirst, with zero prep work or plan. But thats when unpredictable things can happen because there is no adherence to any preconceived vision of how the piece is going to turn out. Scary, but freeing. About midway throughout this piece I pulled out some gels, stencils, some high flow paints, a toothbrush for spattering and dripping. It was fun. The flip side of freewheeling experimentation is being OK with the outcome - regardless of the outcome. Thats when i have to remember that great saying, "its about the journey, not the destination." ... a tough one for virgos :-)


Adriana Guidi said...

Love it!!

Cristi Fer Art said...

I love your art! The color, the bold statements, the people. You capture the essence of the moment! Thank you for sharing it!

Patti Mollica said...

Thanks adriana and cristiana!