Monday, November 29, 2010

Blue Cup

Funny thing about this cup - it was white when I bought it but then I painted the outside blue so it would be more interesting to paint - specifically a color that came directly out of the tube - "Baby Blue" or some name like that. While painting this I kept trying to get the right color - Thalo Blue and Cerrulean? Cerrulean and Ultramarine? Thalo and a tinge of Lemon Yellow? Maybe a smidge of Thalo Green in there too? All of the above mixed together? Well by the time I finished the painting, and struggling to get just the right blue it hit me like a brick on the head. Like duh. Why didn't I just pull the tube color and use the real thing? I fear the answer... I only learn things the hard way. Somewhere along the line I must have adopted the philosophy no pain no gain. If anyone wants the recipe for "Baby Blue," I've got it.

Blue Cup
Acrylic on Canvas 6x6" $100.
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