Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More Tulips (SOLD)

The nice thing about painting this tulip is that there are no angles where it's more lovely than other angles. Every position I turn it is a painting waiting to happen. One can see why artists sometimes take one subject and paint it the rest of their lives - to depict it in all its splendor, from every viewpoint. I could go that route. But... I've already got a new subject in mind for tomorrow's painting!

Pink Tulip in a Glass Bottle - 3
6x6" oil on gessoboard


Kathy Warren said...

Love it Patti.
Your the best.
And as a teacher you rock.

angie Brooksby-Arcangioli said...

Wow Patti, love this tulip and the recent other paintings. Nice to see you are doing a painting a day. What a job!
look how many followers you have!

Patti Mollica said...

hey Kathy - thanks! you're doing such great work - keep the momentum going, girl :-). We missed you and Frank last night at the jazz and sketch - try to come one of these times, the joint was jumping last night!

Angie - yes, its a job - one I love for a change, but no less demanding than any job. if anyone knows that you do... btw, i would love to buy a book of your gorgeous desserts and gourmet foods - are you going to offer it sometime?

Stephanie Berry said...

Lovely--I love pink tulips too. Very happy looking.