Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Room With a View (of the receptionist)

Bryant Park Fountain, Oil, 12x12"
 A truly dreary day it was, rain was imminent. Naturally I assumed - I'll take some photos and go back to my cozy, dry studio and paint. No such luck! I was asked to schlep up to the 24th floor of the Bryant Park Corporate Offices and set up in the conference room. Huh? Fortunately I did a sketch of the fountain area before the downpour, and with a lovely view of Allison, proceeded to "go with the flow" of this plein air-less setting. 

1 comment:

Bruce Bingham said...

Your perspective on your compositions is alwasy amazingly strong and personal. Another great painting. Love!
Just think- next year at this time we'll be painting together in Italy! Yay!